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`The bright minds at Polar Focus find ways to make your install go much faster, smoother, and cost you less in labor.`

XY Grid® System

XY Grid® System

Polar Focus® can build your loudspeaker cluster frames faster than ever using our expanded XY Grid® System (patented). [break] A wide range of parts are in stock in both black and white powder coat finishes. Two wide and three wide clusters now usually ship in 3 days from order placement, with other clusters usually shipping within one week. Mixing loudspeakers within a cluster is possible in a wide range of configurations. This clustering system`s best feature is the large amount of useful adjustability. [break] Individual loudspeakers have independent pan and tilt, with independent spread adjustment between adjacent loudspeakers, allowing the cluster to open up like the petals of a flower. [break] All clusters are equipped with pan control as an entire unit. Certain roof structure environments may permit the pan control to be eliminated for cost savings. An entire cluster needs only two rigging points. Combine these highly effective loudspeaker clusters with our turnkey systems for the simplest and fastest installations possible. [break] Pro audio rigging design, roof attachment, supplemental structure, sales, support and PE stamped drawings in any US State provided by Polar Focus. Call us today for more information at (413) 586-4444.

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