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`The bright minds at Polar Focus find ways to make your install go much faster, smoother, and cost you less in labor.`

Polar Focus

  • H5757-Motor-Zbeam-MZB-with-Spine-Frame-Adapter-SFA-for-Line-Array-loudspeaker-rigging-5-96
  • H5586-EAW-MK-speakers-in-yokes-or-u-brackets-from-at-Mulberry-01-96
  • H5059-DSC03662-96
  • H5038-Ashford1-96
  • H4832_3-96
  • H4450-07-29_ 015-96
  • H4404-Community-loudspeakers-clusters-one-over-one-XY-grid-system-2-96
  • H3756-VLA601-6high-96
  • H3337-Installations-016-96
  • H2718-JBL-VLA-loudspeakers-roof-mounted-on-top-of-press-box-galvanized4-96
  • H2713-Pitman0-96
  • PM1-17-pole-mount-over-and-under-96
  • H200-IMG_3997-96-cr

Polar Focus® Audio Rigging is your source for a full line of audio rigging and speaker rigging equipment. Our standard 10:1 design factor provides the high level of safety and peace of mind required by our customers. We are a manufacturer of our own proprietary line of rigging equipment, in addition to being distributors of Chicago brand shackles and forgings, Stagemaker® electric chain hoists, LiftAll® slings, and Gunnebo Johnson chain. Polar Focus line array rigging using a Motor Zbeam® system is the state of the art for pan and tilt control of line arrays under full load. The slimline Zbeam® with a matching Tilt Cable Kit is a top performer for conventional trapezoidal loudspeakers, as singles or in clusters using the XY Grid® System. Custom Beam Attachments for large wood beams provide strong and attractive loudspeaker rigging for House of Worship applications. Our surface wall mount and internal wall mount products provide a range of options for architects and installers. Polar Focus offers everything that goes in between your professional loudspeakers and the roof or architectural structure, indoors or outdoors, for both permanent installations and portable applications.

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