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`The bright minds at Polar Focus find ways to make your install go much faster, smoother, and cost you less in labor.`

Yokes (U-brackets)

Yokes (U-brackets)

Polar Focus® Yokes (also known as U-brackets) are sturdy, high quality, and manufactured in the USA for short lead times. Each yoke includes hardware to mount the loudspeaker into the yoke for loudspeakers with both M10 or 3/8 coarse thread hardware sizes. The yokes include a generous hole pattern to facilitate mounting to a ceiling. Yokes are top quality formed carbon and work especially well for under-balcony mounting. [break] The yokes do not include hardware to mount to a ceiling or any other overhead structure. These yokes are intended for use with a vertical side arm. These yokes are not intended for wall mounting. [break] Pro audio rigging design, roof attachment, supplemental structure, sales, support and PE stamped drawings in any US State provided by Polar Focus. Call us today for more information at (413) 586-4444.

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