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Stagemaker® Chain Hoists

Stagemaker® Chain Hoists

Stagemaker® chain hoists (also called chain motors) are a new and modern design, incorporating all of the best features. Lighter and smaller than the other common brand, these hoists are a great value. The most popular sizes for portable applications are 1/2 ton, 1 ton, and 2 ton. [break] There is a significant safety advantage when using Stagemaker configuration `A`(4 pin direct control configuration) versus the more common brand hoist (4 pin power plus 3 pin low voltage control). There is always the possibility of a cable being pinched, causing a short. This can happen in a number of ways. A lighting truss could bump into a speaker cluster, or someone could close the lid of a road case on a cable. Any short in the 4 pin power cable for the more common brand, or a Stagemaker 4 pin cable will cause a breaker to trip. No harm is done except the mechanical damage to the cable. If the 3 pin control line for the common brand hoist has a short while the hoist has power, two of the three shorting combinations will cause that hoist to run away in a random direction, even if the pickle has been removed from the system. [break] Stagemaker® hoists are configured to your requirements for amount of lift chain and control/power setup. [break] Pro audio rigging design, roof attachment, supplemental structure, sales, support and PE stamped drawings in any US State provided by Polar Focus. Call us today for more information at (413) 586-4444.

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