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`Everyone on crew is not only impressed, they are grateful for the new rigging tools from Polar Focus. It is not often that everyone on any crew is grateful, so we can’t say enough good about this product and the company’s design and fabrication capacity.`

Motor Zbeam®

Motor Zbeam®

Polar Focus® Motor Zbeam® allows for a single electric chain hoist to support a speaker load (line array, or conventional boxes) with control over pan and tilt. This system has a 2:1 mechanical advantage using a 10 inch diameter chain-pulley. Thus a one-ton chain hoist can be used for two tons of loudspeaker load. The pan angle of the speaker load is supported by a Zbeam® axle for easy aiming. [break] Standard designs exist for pulleys to fit Stagemaker motors*. Other brands of chain motors require custom-designed pulleys. Only one motor is required to control pan and tilt per cluster, resulting in significant savings. The vertical position of each cluster can be controlled by a single motor control pendant or pickle. Since tilt is not controlled by synchronous operation of two hoists, no motor control package is required. This results in additional savings. [break] Pan angle is adjusted by turning the suspended speaker load relative to the Motor Zbeam. The pre-tensioned friction bearing holds the pan angle after you stop applying torque. The most popular suspended speaker loads are line arrays, with tilt controlled by a Spine Frame Adapter™. Other speaker cluster configurations are available. Below is an excellent video showing a Motor Zbeam with an EAW line array cluster. [break] Even the largest line arrays can have full pan control with a Motor Zbeam. [break] * Motor Zbeam® pulleys can be produced for chain hoists other than Stagemaker when a customer provides a sample of the chain from the hoist. [break] See the Polar Focus PY1 Quick Disconnect Fitting for solutions that allow an easy connection between the line array frame and line array accessories, for infinite adjustability with our Motor Zbeam and associated products. [break] Pro audio rigging design, roof attachment, supplemental structure, sales, support and PE stamped drawings in any US State provided by Polar Focus. Call us today for more information at (413) 586-4444.

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