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`Everyone on crew is not only impressed, they are grateful for the new rigging tools from Polar Focus. It is not often that everyone on any crew is grateful, so we can’t say enough good about this product and the company’s design and fabrication capacity.`

Tips & Tricks

How to use an inexpensive helium balloon to gather tilt and aiming data for loudspeaker applications.

Here is a file showing the set up and performance characteristics of a simple fore and aft cardioid subwoofer array. EASE will not work at these frequencies, so this work was done using another analysis tool at the Electrovoice engineering department.

Cluster Study: Rigid Grouping Brackets vs. Independent Pan and Tilt
The objective of this study is to compare two different loudspeaker clustering concepts; a rigidly
bracketed group (RG) that moves as one, and a group that is clustered with the ability for each box to be
independently panned and tilted (IPT). This study is not meant to prove one is always superior, as each
method has its own proper application. The goal is to show the differences, and make aware the potential
pros and cons of each.

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